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Gene&Matt Tractors - Company Bio

When Gene England bought the Ford Tractor Dealership in Winder, GA in 1978 it was the smallest dealership in the Southeast.  In 1977 they sold only 8 tractors. 

Gene set a goal of selling 100 tractors a year.  His Zone manager with Ford Tractor was Mr. Charlie Smith, and Mr. Smith was excited about things might change in Winder, GA. In 1978, the first year, they sold 51 tractors.  In 1979 Gene hit his goal of 101 Ford Tractors. And that number climbed ever year with 207 in 1985. 

Gene & Matt were recognized as the number one Dealer in the Southeast.  In 1986 Gene & Matt was recognized with a gold plated model tractor with a plaque that read " World Recognized"  of the only dealer that had sold 2000 tractors in one location.  Since that date Gene & Matt has continued to increase their sales.  Gene's Motto has always been to give excellent service, good pricing, and do what you say you will do. 

Gene & Matt took on Kubota Tractors in 1990. We now have a full line of Kubota tractors & equipment. Gene says your Warranty is no better than the dealer you buy from.  We service and warranty what we sell. 

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